Unlimited Bonus Classes for our Summer Session!

For the Summer Session, we allow unlimited make-up and bonus classes!

So no worries about your vacation plans, or being tied to a schedule. 

And if you can't get enough of the Music Together classroom experience, take a few extra classes this summer on us!

Come to your regular class time whenever you can, to enjoy the sense of community that Music Together classes build.   But if it's a perfect beach day, or you have travel plans - you can mix and match class times to fit your schedule. 

How it works:

-- You are guaranteed your seat in your regular enrolled class. No need to sign up in advance for that class.

-- If you need a make-up class, or want to take a free bonus class, you must reserve a spot in advance using our on-line scheduler. You may not "drop in" without reserving a spot -- we don't want to overbook any classes!

-- Make-up and bonus classes are offered on a space-available basis and are not guaranteed.

-- If you know you will be absent from your regular class, let us know, so we can create an extra seat that day.

-- Please make sure to cancel your make-up or bonus class sign-up if you are not going to attend, so another family can use the spot.

You can see our Make-Up Policies here.