Make-Up Policies

General policies:

  • Please do not come to class if you or your child might be infectious! Let your teacher know about non-contagious, but lingering symptoms so we can reassure your classmates.
  • Use the scheduler to reserve your make-up or bonus spots. We may not have room for you if you come to a class without a reserved spot.
  • Each family is allowed four make-up classes during the session. Unlimited make-up classes for classes missed during the summer session, space permitting.
  • Make-ups do not carry over to the next session. 
  • Classes can be made up at any of our 6 locations.
  • If you are signing up for a free bonus class, write "bonus class" in the space for "class student is missing"
  • We expect there will be enough make-up slots for all of our families. However, make-ups are not guaranteed so please promptly schedule any make-ups you need.  Do not wait until the end of the session to schedule your make-ups!
  • If we cancel class due to snow or other reasons, we will usually add an extra class at the end of the session.  There is no need to sign up for a make-up class, unless you cannot make the date of the added class.

So we can accommodate all our families, please:

  • Sign up for a make-up class using the scheduler as soon as you know that you need it. Do not wait until the end of the session to schedule your make-up.. 
  • If possible, let us know ahead of time that you will be absent, so that we may make your regular spot available for a make-up.  This is especially appreciated during the summer.
  • If you need to cancel your make-up, use the scheduler so that another family may reserve the spot.
  • Weekend make-up spots are very popular, so there is a voluntary limit of 2 per family. (If you attend a weekend class regularly, you may sign up for 4 weekend make-ups.)
  • If you have two children who regularly attend classes, schedule a make-up for each child. However, if there is only one spot available, you are welcome to bring your second child to the class anyway.
  • Note that the class on Saturday at 1:00PM at 90th Street is only for infants younger than 8 months.   The "Rhythm Kids" classes on Sundays at 12:15PM at Sheepshead Bay and Tuesdays at 4:45PM at 90th Street are only for children 4 - 6 years old.

If you need further assistance: 

  • Please do try to schedule your make-up online first.
  • We try to be flexible and accommodating about make-ups where possible.
  • If you have special needs, please call or text 718-499-2866 or email
  • The best time to reach us is Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.
  • Please be patient as we may not be able to respond immediately.  Leave a message if you get our voicemail.


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